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Re: u can't beat yr brain for entertainment
Apr 28, 2002, 11:39
Love on ya, AQ...just when I needed some positivity...thank you!
I agree with what you're saying,
''Isolation (as in sects, etc) is out of the question. Hence the creation of this 'dilemma'.''
and the more I think of it the more of a dilemma it becomes.
I don't know if I mentioned in my last post, I work in a secondary school supporting kids with emotional / behavioural difficlties, as well as aspergers, autism, dyslexia etc...ther e is one year 7 boy who loves his art, but every week he loses half of his ONE lesson of art per week so that he can sit with another group of children who all 'failed' their SATS in junior school and are re-taking them again next month ( the government requires all 11 year olds to have reached level 4 or over.)......this childs mind is being destroyed, his creativity gauged out of him,, the only outlet he knows to make him feel good about himself in an already restricted environment, is being taken away because he 'didn't make the grade'...he probabley never will because of the difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia etc.), but then again, what a huge amount of LABELS that are stuck upon him at such an age.....so, whats happened to this small creative bud blossoming...he gets pulled out of art, his outlet, to be force fed english, of which he and the rest of the class (including me who has to support the teacher as well) don't take a blind bit of notice??? he has started to become destructive, disobedient, easily led by those street wise ones we all have met.....makes me want to scream.......
but although it gets me mad I know that from within I have made hopefully some, small changes, talking to students, just 'being' sometimes.....small but never the less, changes....
phew, I got all angry then....I guess I hate the labels and the limits and levels of crap that are imposed by faceless people in London or wherever, all for money etc. I know , also, that many teachers feel the same way but are restricted in what they can do, it's all league tables, percentages, money, funding......bollox! bondage..
I think that as long as you're aware and ready to set your children into that system, and as I have said before, the vast majority of parents 'trust' the system and leave the education to the teachers, which is dangerous. well you have to hope that your input at home within the family has given your children the open mindedness, the strength , the 'healthy cynicism', the love, the kindness, to survive the education system........if we're forward thinking enough...the hope is they will be too.....
thanks Aq, again, for stimulating my head and for your positive energy
Be Wise, Be Wild, Be Blessed...Walk in Peace and Find Your Stars....

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