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Congestion Charging
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 18, 2003, 15:53
All makes sense if you consider it a "right" to squander essential resources, pollute the atmosphere, and make life on the streets hellish for the 20% of us who are so low paid we don't have access to a car in the first place.

If, however, you consider car use an obscene example of human greed, filth and our wanton destruction of the planet we live on, then the higher people have to pay to drive, the better.

If you were to calculate the "true value" of car use. The effects on the environment, public health (accident & emergency stuff as well as lung ailments) and the ultimate consequences of resource wastage then i think you'd find only the rich could afford to drive anyways.

As it is; conscious non-car users like me have to pay (in taxation) for the destruction caused by selfish car use. Tell me *that* ain't regressive taxation.

Oh, and those who NEED to travel by car in London? Who the fuck are they? I've lived here (on and off) for 10 years and never needed one. In that time i've been a commuter and i've been unemployed and i've been self-employed and i've been a student. What category are these people who NEED to use a car here? Medical staff? Sure, i get that - they should be exempt. Who else?
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