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Congestion Charging
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 27, 2003, 15:14
Y'know, thinking about the idea that Congestion Charging could be used to track people... i'm tempted to say "good!" Maybe we want to keep an eye on the people killing the planet and poisoning our air?

I dunno, perhaps every week the newspapers could run images of the heaviest car users (as detected by CC cameras) in a "name and shame" feature...

"Mr. Jones of Clapham this week burnt 120 litres of unleaded when he could have used 1/100th of the energy by getting up half an hour earlier and using the tube."

I am - of course - being ironic... but not very.

The sooner people get it into their heads that car usage is a luxury, not a right; and a luxury that fucks up the environment for the rest of us, creates wars in the middle east, and is directly responsible for ruining our planet; the better. And y'know; i'm actually not sure how ironic i'm being when i say that i couldn't give a flying feck about the "right" of car users to remain anonymous and untracked.

If they start to track people on public transport then i shall have a problem. Not because i use public transport rather than cars; but because i believe no positive function would be served by it.
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