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Congestion Charging
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 28, 2003, 12:18
Yeah, I sympathise with that view to some extent. The bloody thing is supposed to be a deterrent after all. I'm just concerned about the slow eroding of civil liberties which seems to be happening here, especially in cities.

Also, on another issue, an interesting development that I've noticed is that now it's up and running and working well (albeit early days) the Evening Standard, who've been loudly anti-CC all along, have had to drop their 'it'll never work' stance, and now they're criticising it for working too well and are gleefully saying it won't raise as much money as was predicted. Jeez, poor Ken really can't win in their eyes. Anyway, Ken's answer to this new angle on it is that most of the plans for use of the revenue are bonus extra add-on ideas, so any small shortfall won't actually affect core pledges in any way. The Evening Standard sucks... or should that be blows? Hmm.

Also, Steven Norris seems to be on a suicidal mission to lose the next mayoral election again by sticking doggedly to the pledge that he'd get rid of the CC. Most Londoners supported it before it was implemented, now I'm sure even more support it now it's been proven to work. Norris is repeatedly shooting himself in the foot on this one. Good!
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