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Congestion Charging
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 17, 2003, 15:51
the problem with the CT is that it is an entirely regressive (ie not progressive0 piece of taxation. tis also true that the area is absurdly small. i find it odd that people who are generally leftish, and who opposed the Poll Tax as an incredibly reactuionary tax, can then proudly support this one - even tho its relationship to the ability to pay is exactly the same. for fucks sake, kenny boy admits he got the idea from evil scumbag milton friedman!! so it just MUST be wrong!

I mean rich bastards are gonna be able to carry on swanning about as if they owned the place (d'oh! forget, they do tho don't they), whilst it's the poor that suffer.

For many people it really will be a heavy burden. £25 a week would be a hell of a lot of my weekly income, and there are a hell of a lot of people working in central London who are not well paid. If you have to carry anything other than a tiny amount of 'work-related' belongings with you public transport is all but out of the question. if you work really crappy hours, public transport often isn't runnning, or it takes hours to get where you need to be going (via nightbuses). I know there are a few extra buses running from today, but they won't be anything like enough. Public transport should be free - then that would sort out the congestion problems in minutes, cos only people who really NEEDED to travel by car would do.
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