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Congestion Charging
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 19, 2003, 10:21
how did the fares fair thing actually work? ie where did they get the subsidy from? i cant remember at all.
what taxation can ken charge? it's london businesses that make he most out of the tube (in the overall picture), so they should bloody well pay for it thru higher taxes. a higher general taxation would be fair enough - tho in the medium to long-term would be less necessary due to the savings in health expenditure etc
in the short-term obviously free fares are impossible, but some things are - mass non-payment. organising days when people just don't pay - tricky but easier than introducing a congestion charge!
the most practical thing would probably be to make interest free loans available for a season ticket. many employers already do this, they recognise the practicality of it. they should be forced to. & for those not in such employment, the banks or the council should should provide such a service.
and lets not forget - that a season ticket means you can travel ANYWHERE on the tube at ANYTIME. not just within an 8 square mile area like with the CC. (just pointing that out to make clear how poor LL's comparison of £1200 for a years tube v £1200 for a years CC is).
Ultimately of course they need to be renationalised & made vastly cheaper/free. And that is true all over the country, not just London, 35 other cities are considering CC's, so it wouldnt just be subsidysing the bloody south again
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