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Congestion Charging
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Re: Congestion Charging
Feb 18, 2003, 12:04
yeah make the rich pay, but not at the cost of the next to poorest (not the very poorest as they don't have cars at all). But you can't say that without paying a CG car drivers are paying NOTHING. Theres road tax & fuel tax for starters. In a fairly small car the running cots are about what, 35p a mile (judging from what you can claim in expenses in my workplace), so a fiver a day equals 15 miles a day or so, probably about average, if not a little low, for London drivers. So the CG doubles their costs.
The fact theat the Evening Shittard presented a lousy case for opposition to charging doesn't exactly surprsie me, I mean when did they ever present a decent case for or against anything, it's a piss poor tory rag. While choosing an interior designer as an example is laughable tho, even 21k in London is on the borders of low pay, imo, it certainly isn't good pay. many people are paid worse than that, and whilst they certainly don't all require cars for their work many do, and they will be extremely discrminatd against

Their is also the question of how the charge will affect other area's. hackney are apparently massively extending their 'residents parking' scheme - where you have to register your car - at a cost of £90pa in order to be allowed to park by your house. without a parking scheme the area would probably be clogged by people driving up close to the CG area & then getting out - so something needed to be done, but £90 is a lot of money for a lot of people.

It's not that a congestion charge is a simply bad idea, it's that this one will be bad in many ways in practise. Much of that aint livingstones fault - obviously the hackney thing is out of his control, & the government have imposed restrictions upon how the scheme could be made more flexible & fair, but that shouldn't mean we just accept it, i dont think.

Putting the money back into public transport is great, but it should have been done well BEFORE the charges started, not after.

As it is it does discriminate against the worst off in society, whilst ruch scumbags can drive around just as before, but with a few less nasty oiks in there way.

Did deffo love your story of the posho woman on the tube tho.
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