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Re-Opening Schools
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Re-Opening Schools
Sep 03, 2020, 20:33
nigelswift wrote:

Having not gone out for six months thereby proving science right, I'm not a fan of anti-maskers, nor of people who wear masks but not over their noses. Call me eccentric but there we are, I think delusions and ignorance both kill grannies and can't help resenting both.

If you have not gone out for six months I'm afraid that does not mean you have "proved Science right". It doesn't prove anything except that you have not gone out for six months. Your much-needed daily intake of viral bloom and bacterial updates will have pretty much flatlined - making you (and everyone else who hasn't gone out for six months) very vulnerable to respiratory infections. Using your current logic that might mean an endless extension of Lockdown & not going out for the rest of your life & always wearing a mask. That is your kinda Science and Proof?

No hospital treatment for a dehydrated 96 year old grandfather who was unable to stomach food WILL definitely (100%) kill him. Ask my son about his grandfather's death in a Care Home. His granny is fine and Covid-Symptom-Free - despite being locked down with her 96 year old husband with a respiratory infection for months. Science was not even involved nor was proper medical care beyond sedation and rolling to prevent bedsores. No testing and no post-mortem. Where is the Science you speak of? There was no testing of staff at the home which had pretty much zero PPE until the end of May/ early June (long after my Dad's death). They are still all fine. What is THAT Scientific Proof of..?
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