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Re-Opening Schools
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Edited Aug 23, 2020, 16:31
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Aug 23, 2020, 16:13
My hairdresser said “it’s like it’s not real” “exactly” I said. I make a point of talking to people when queuing/shopping. The long queues seemed to have moved inside over the past few days. People confused as to where they should be. Sometimes you have to queue and sometimes it’s a free for all..which on pretty much every occasion I’ve been in causes friction between both customers and staff and customers. Isn’t food shopping stressful enough? Wait..What am I saying. .? It causes confusion/friction amongst people. This however does give me an excuse to comment on this to someone else..and then I’ll say “I’m only wearing this mask to please other people..every time back..”so am I.”
I can tell you, it’s refreshing to hear other people (Anna Brees channel) talk sense, common sense. ( a good proportion I should say )They’re looking for themselves using their ‘gut’ There’s a few Trump supporters there but don’t let that put you off..I’m not sold on the idea Trump’s a ‘white hat’

So..Anna Brees?? Herself?..Dunno.

..I trust most people on there not to have an agenda.

We really must be able to listen to each other. I think Neil Oliver does a grand job here..*did well not to use the ‘F’ word. No not that one the other one. (*apart from the nobody knew this was coming bit)


Could be transposed to many a situation.

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been out much. That’s not healthy for a start.
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