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Re-Opening Schools
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Re-Opening Schools
Sep 15, 2020, 20:43
Face Masks are completely useless in social settings such as schools, shops and suchlike. As are Bandanas. And scarfs. As are special cloth ones made by the grannies at the WRI. Totally useless. 2 minutes shows you why.


You actually already knew all this. Just you've been told to disbelieve what you already know by BoJo, DomCum and the rest... Remember what you know. Open windows and breath freely and clearly.

Now within two minutes of the 8.50 school bell ringing... around 1,000 school pupils and 90 staff have spread their aerosol breath EVERYWHERE in the building with its warm air conditioning and circulatory air system. Masks or no masks. But breath-moist masks causes additional risks in the face, mouth, nose, lungs and respiratory system, trapping germs, mucus particles, infections and providing a moist warm focus for them. Muffled voices of pupils behind masks means that they lean closer into one another to hear. When masks are removed in classrooms kids swivel them like rotor blades around their pencils and fingers, lay them on desks or drape them round their chins (that is a really nice one once the talking starts...). I hope people are getting this.

There will be very nasty cold & flu outbreaks this Autumn and Winter. Masks will accelerate it and ramp it up to new heights. I do not reckon that the masking situation will do anything but enhance the breeding ground for Covid-19 and focus viral loads to aid transmission. I would suggest everyone starts eating ten-a-day, additional vitamins, regular sleep, reduce alcohol and get plenty of exercise and fresh air.
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