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Re-Opening Schools
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Edited Sep 02, 2020, 00:30
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Sep 02, 2020, 00:29
nigelswift wrote:
I'm truly sorry for your heartbreaking family story. We live in a country run by brigands.

Sorry but the word "brigands" hasn't been part of my purvue in three centuries. A country run by opportunistic motherf*cking thugs voted in by a bunch of empty-headed, scared-of-their-own-shadow morons who stand in empty streets clapping themselves at how much they care. I cannot wait until England and Wales find what the unelected Baroness Hardon and DomCum have done to their NHS.

My family is no different to tens of thousands of other families whose elderly parent(s) made up the totally avoidable homicide-by-response/ non-response numbers which died "with Covid" but without hospital treatment, feeding or hydration. My old Dad had been as strong as an Ox. But antibiotics wreck the stomachs of the best of us. So he was sedated and turned in his bed. For a fortnight. No feeding dripline or hydration drip. What a way to go eh? That is how the nmajority of the elderly cases died, that and the confusion, disorientation and stress of a pointless lockdown. My parents were the generation who built the NHS and my Dad died while Boris, Handcock, Sunak and DomCum shat themselves laughing, denying access to proper treatment while most hospitals sat empty. Did anyone watch Handcock laughing himself silly about the missing Baroness Hardon app when he was trying to cover for DomCum's holiday? Smirking little c*nt.


Neil Ferguson who "modelled" this f*cking fiasco was too busy breaking Lockdown Rules f*cking another guy's wife to laugh at the missing app AND Domcum's Barnard Castle circlejerk... while we had just managed (after a month trying) to get my Dad cremated. At this point the multi-million pound Nightingale Hospitals were being closed down after two months without use. How to bankrupt the NHS and the taxpayer...

I drove 200 miles for the funeral and four of us surviving siblings had an eight minute service. Couldn't even have a cup of tea together. My old Mum couldn't see off her husband of nearly 64 years. None of us could even visit my Mum in the Care Home to console her. The might of the Imperial Japanese Army couldn't f*cking kill my old Dad in India, Burma or Singapore from 43-45. He was at the relief of Singapore (including Changi Prison). He didn't get to see the 75th anniversary of his and other regiments victory in the Far East over the the Japanese Horror in August there. That old soldier would have liked to have put on his suit and medals for a last time. I'd liked to have seen him do that.

DomCum, BoJo, Handcock, Sunak, Ferguson, Baroness Hardon and their ilk aren't fit to lick the shit off my dad's old boots. But there are tens of thousands of pairs of boots they shall have to try and lick and their tongues shall be found wanting. I do not trust a single word any of them speak from their lying mouths.

So. Yes schools are safe to open. Children shouldn't be masked. Anyone sick should stay at home. Don't visit granny if you have a cold. Ventilate rooms well and wash your hands. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. People need to open their eyes and see what has been happening here, there and everywhere.

This is here, there and everywhere now... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/blunder-sees-scots-mum-told-22602327
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