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Re-Opening Schools
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phallus dei
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Edited Aug 23, 2020, 13:20
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Aug 23, 2020, 12:42
nigelswift wrote:
Well I don't think it's the dictates of "authorities" that convince most people masks are good things.

It's common sense informed by scientific data, isn't it, despite what the likes of Trump say?

I wasn't commenting on the issue whether or not to wear masks, but rather the elitism present in your statement about the "dirt roads of Alabama." Perhaps it's not intentional, but it does suggest a disdain for the "common people" who, daring to have a different opinion than what the echo chamber of government, corporations, media, and celebrity doctors all promote, are obviously wrong and "ignorant."

But luckily the "common people" possess "common sense," and common sense tells us that while Covid is a troubling disease, it is much less severe than previous pandemics, and - as shown by the previous six months - lockdowns and mask-wearing campaigns are woefully ineffective at stopping it. Indeed, the complete failure of almost every Western government in dealing with Covid can only make one wonder if ulterior motives are at work.

One of the great things about the Enlightenment was that it wrestled authority away from the kings and popes, and placed it in hands of everyone. Rather than stemming from the arbitrary whims of elites, "truth" came to represent what was observable by all in the real world.

The popes and kings of today have once again revealed their stunning lack of vision. Perhaps it's time to listen to the people from the "dirt roads of Alabama" for a change?
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