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Re-Opening Schools
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Edited Aug 22, 2020, 05:09
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Aug 22, 2020, 05:05
Let's not beat about the bush, he didn't mean "when people are in the middle of nowhere by themselves or driving in their cars alone". That's something which rational, scientifically literate people could agree with. No, he was implying masks shouldn't be worn and the second bloke was going further and suggesting masks were a means to control us, a world-wide conspiracy.

There was a time when scientific illiteracy and conspiracy theories were confined to the far end of dirt tracks in Alabama, but t'internet has allowed them to take hold much further afield, a bit like a pandemic, ironically. Being open-minded shouldn't extend to giving credence to such dunces IMO. The health emergency is too dire and every look-at-me anti-mask conspiracist could be costing lives of older people, including me, which I find particularly irksome!
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