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Re-Opening Schools
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Edited Sep 09, 2020, 20:53
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Sep 01, 2020, 00:29
nigelswift wrote:
Pursued By Trees wrote:

There still doesn't seem to be any suggestion that younger children, contracting Covid asymptomatically (or otherwise), are any less likely to pass this on to other members of their families or anyone else that they come into close contact with.

That's the worry. Especially regarding older people, and of particular relevance is that a lot of spikes seem to have happened where there are a lot of multi-generational households.

650 out of 17,000,000. That is 650 taken into hospital for treatment. A tiny percentage of that needed Intensive Care. All had serious underlying health issues.
NONE died of Covid. None.

Or ANYTHING to suggest that ANYTHING is more likely. Spikes happen where people breathe, a spike does not mean anyone is in hospital, dying or dead. At peak infection times 0.04% of the UK population were estimated to have Covid. There was no real testing, so we were not dealing in Science. And I don't trust Dominic Cummings. He lies with every tooth in his mouth.

The problem has not been with multi-generational households. The problem has been the pin-down deaths of the elderly who were denied NHS hospital care. Taken out of hospitals or refused access to hospitals in order to die in Care Homes. Out of sight. No family visitors to question and ask. No testing and no post mortems. That was policy. No science.

I have still been unable to visit my 95 year old Mum in her Care Home since March. My Dad (96) died in April after contracting a respiratory virus. There was NO testing and NO Post Mortem. We were NOT allowed to visit. He quickly rallied round after a dose of antibiotics, these of course wrecked his stomach which mean't he couldn't eat once he recovered from the respiratory virus. So he was sedated in the old folks home and died a fortnight later. Took that long to kill an old soldier like him. Anyone else would have been taken into hospital and put on a dripline for feeding and hydration. Not the elderly. Dominic Cummings “Herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.”

There is nothing to suggest that proper feeding and nutrition would NOT have saved the lives of many of the elderly in Care Homes who died this year. My old Mum was in that bedroom with my old Dad for a fortnight while he died. She didn't contract anything. Neither did anyone else in the home. Neither Care Staff nor residents. Anyone seeing this picture here?

Instead we got no herd immunity, healthy people in lockdown for six months, tanked economy, empty testing centres in converted car parks, elderly homicide by non-treatment response, no children have died and the remainder of the balance of Covid deaths amount to less than the average flu deaths in a year. England now has the unelected Baroness Harding in charge of "NHS Improvement" the new NHS flagship (quick opportunist knight's move), NHS by app, Deloittes running testing centres, Nightingale Hospitals that were never used and an NHS which will take years to get back to how it was running before. Tory heaven = a f*cked NHS. Every BoJo adviser and minister one can think of broke the Lockdown. They knew it was pointless and ineffective in any meaningful or measurable way.

School Pupils should not be visiting the elderly just now if they are synptomatic and they should be careful (as we all are) when visiting granny at all other times. Don't visit if you have a cough or a sniff (a rule my family have always lived by). Making pupils wear a face covering in school to walk ten yards along a school corridor before they whip off the snottery cotton mask they've been wearing all week (with a flourish) is simply appalling. Cloth masks for pupils in schools are a focus of snot and germs. Totally stupid.

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