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Re-Opening Schools
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Edited Aug 31, 2020, 01:17
Re: Re-Opening Schools
Aug 31, 2020, 01:15
No child under the age of 17 has died of Covid according to the BMA and a report in the BMJ this last week. The UK has an population of approximately just over 17 Million under 18s. So not one child out of 17,000,000 has died of Covid. Take that in for a minute.

Around 650 people under the age of 17 were admitted to hospital between February and July suspected of complications due to Covid. That is less than 0.004% of the population of young people who were adversely affected, nearly half of them had serious underlying health conditions which required hospital care.

Six people under the age of 17 have died after testing positive for Covid. However, they ALL died from other serious underlying health conditions and had life-limiting illnesses.

We now have a population which has pretty much been in isolation for 6 months. Very little in the way of our normal viral bloom and healthy bacterial exposure which we need to maintain a robust immune system. Recipe for disaster. This is the normal term when the "back to school" coughs and sneezes circulate around four weeks after term begins as we share air conditioned PFI max-occupancy PFI sealed buildings with 700 others after a Summer break in the fresh air. But a bit different this year as there has been less fresh air for most of us.

So absolutely NO children of school age have died of Covid. With the strenuous mitigating factors in place in schools of hand disinfecting on the way in and out of buildings and individual classrooms, deep cleaning of schools, ventilation regimes and staggered period changes why on Earth would we start masking-up children in schools six months on from the start of this lockdown? The scare-mongering goes on. In Scottish Schools it will be masks tomorrow (Mon 31st August) for walking along school corridors but not in classrooms themselves. Kids will be stuffing snottery, manky masks in and out of their grubby pockets on and off all day. This will have to be done in the corridors before they enter classrooms and disinfect. Fourteen times per day. Then all week. Then the following week. And so on. A surefire recipe for respiratory infections. Madness.
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