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Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
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Hi Guys!
Dec 03, 2009, 13:58

Dipped out for a while as I was just told that my posting (job, not HH) here is up and I need to find myself another job in another country. So, CV up to date and allowed to go for 5 jobs out of the company's jobs broadcasts - but shedding 10% global staff!. Not really good times, but I've got ultra-thick skin so no sympathy sought or required... ;-)

So, Climategate, Warmergate, Storm in a teacup or whatever it's morphed into now!

I held back from answering Merrick's earlier post as to do so would mean, 1. having to refute his points and thereby make myself look like a 'denier', though it's an unfair word to use. and
2. mean me having to trawl through reams of info that's not my expertise and then have to take another broadside from Merrick and we'd enter into a vicious circle with apparent entrenched positions - not where I wanted to be at the moment.

PMM did mention me citing earlier Right Wing blogs. I did. I did because that 'pigeon-holed' 'side' of the media were the only ones actually reporting this thing. I've been watching the BBC, who are implicated in the e-mails through Richard Black, and the BBC have gone to extraordinary lengths to try to cover this up...Masses and masses of pro-MMGW stuff and nothing on the Leak, except to say there's a leak. The whole mainstream media have adopted entrenched views...

However, to balance the right wing blog stuff, I give you the Left Wing blogger Monbiot to counter that: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/georgemonbiot/2009/nov/25/monbiot-climate-leak-crisis-response

If Monbiot's back-tracking, then there's something credible here.

Right, anyway, I don't want to get into a circular argument, it's being done ALL over the Interweb and quite frankly getting to nothing but a 'Somme' type attitude in most of the entrenched positions.

So, what's happening? Without saying I believe or disbelieve, I think we're getting somewhere now. Every story has 2 sides, and particularly this one. It's obvious from the e-mails and Harry's text that things are not rosy in the accepted science. The Peer-review process was cherry-picked and the data has been 'fudged', that's out there to see now. Does it prove or disprove global warming, no it does neither really. The CRU data was one of the corenerstones of global climate science, that stone is shaky now, and as a Massive % of global work and the IPCC themselves depend on that cornerstone, then it's ALL a bit shaky.

It's interesting as a subject on it's own, that if you follow global temperatures v's atmospheric CO2, that CO2 follows temp, not temp following CO2. To explain that huge discrepancy, there're all sorts of theories as to how it 'proves', - stalemate yet again!

It's obvious that there are enough people who don't believe the 'science' to be credible, they think, and I can see their point that this is the latest population-control 'scare tactic'. We've had Nukes, communism, AIDS, terrorism, bird flu, swine flu, more terrorism etc, etc, et-fucking-c. Do you trust our Govt and the un-elected European govt? I fucking don't. There are $$$billions at stake here.

So, what's for the future, well:

- We need some independant reviews for a start. Some folks will discounts ex-Chancellor Lawson's move for this based on his politics and history of strong scepticism, of course.
- Others will discount the UK Govt's move, as the guy behind that has a very dubious past and is a believer of true 'Zealotry' levels.
- Even NASA are now being taken to court over failure to follow FOI, that's very serious in the 'States'.
- The Aussies are voting down a Carbon bill that would cripple some of their industries.
- The Russians wonder WTF is going on coz they're predicting a cooling trend and can't comprehend what we're up to.

It's all gone global and that can only be a good thing for all concerned as if we clear the air, then perhaps we can move forwards in a productive fashion.

There's never been a true, unbiased 'concensus' view, in my view. There's been precious few 'models', and the models that support MMGW are the ones that have got funding of $000,000,000's, unbelievable numbers in fact. That's gotta skew things towards getting more funding, at least. So, we need to see the data, oh it's been dumped, so we do need to go back and re-run the modelling with everyone involved this time!
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