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Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
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Re: Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
Dec 09, 2009, 11:38
DarkMagus wrote:
Web forums require citations? Oh come on.

But if there were, ooh I dunno, any reason at all for your opinion then it should be easy to show us where your information comes from.

DarkMagus wrote:
Hint: Mann.

I take it that's a reference to Michael Mann, one of the people who made the 'hockey stick' graph showing that the 20th century was the warmest for a very long time, and the rate of warming was very sudden, implying that it's still heading rapidly upwards.

Two people - and economist and a petroleum geologist - published a paper refuting the hockey stick's methodology. Further investigations were done and the complaints were withdrawn.

More to the point, there are numerous studies from all kinds of disciplines showing that the

DarkMagus wrote:
Belief in AGW = hubris.

I thought you were 'undecided'. Pretty definite position there.

I'll say it again, the chief trick of the deniers is to pretend there's no real scientific consensus on the issue.

DarkMagus wrote:
I've said enough here perhaps to make some people think

But not enough to answer numerous direct questions put to you. Funny that.
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