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Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
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dodge one
dodge one
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Re: Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
Dec 07, 2009, 22:44
Just for the record, i do not enjoy calling anyone an idiot.
But i won't waste much time arguing a point {or doing the research for} a guy like 'DARK MAGUS'{what the fuck is that anyway? Batman?}{Laughin'}

I see things much the same as your Dad. But i am pushing 50 also.
These type conversations are not new to me. I've followed the research as an interested party since i was a kid, with an encyclopedia in one hand and a National Geo in the other. I've been watching the planet get ravaged my whole life. Helpless to stop it. Refusing to be part of it, as much as i am capable.

Every forum on the Net, seems to have at least 1 or 2 of these jerk-offs that insist they know better than everyone else...And they must too....some even bigger jerk-off has caught them in there sway, and shown them 'the way'. And...generally speaking, for me at least, they tend to reveal a profound lack of knowledge regarding the subject rather quickly. There talking points are generally, a sychophantic apeing of the latest right wing reporting. Ho Hum...... Why bother at all with the like?

Anyway..i am a great lover of truth and knowledge and the sciences.
If Global warming were not happening....no would appreciate the sciences that could dis-prove it, more than i.
It'll take more than a mindless fucking idiot to show me the 'ERROR' of my ways though.
It astonishes me that anyone would waste there time on such senseless arguements.
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