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Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
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Edited Dec 04, 2009, 01:10
Re: Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
Dec 04, 2009, 00:50
DarkMagus wrote:
Oh dear. You seem to be misrepresenting me.

Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle.

DarkMagus wrote:
When have I said I knew global warming was true or false? Never.

Which is why I didn't say that you had. Colour me misrepresented.

What I did say was:

- there was a clear bias in the Telegraph report you said wasn't biased

- it exaggerates and misrepresents the leaked emails to say they disprove anthropogenic global warming

- that using 'sceptic' for a scientific field like this is also a bias.

The bias of these three things is the bias of the deniers.

DarkMagus wrote:

Care to refute? I suspect the author is somewhat more expert than you or me.

i have no doubt that he does. Richard Lindzen (careful always to point out that his research has never been fossil-funded, deftly ignoring the other work that has) is one of the very few people who have relevant expertise and yet doubts anthropogenic climate change.

His grounds for doing so have remained unaltered by the new data of the last 15 years. It's technical stuff to be sure, but other scientists have explained his flaws over at sites like Real Climate.

Similarly, there is a small but vocal minority of scientists, including one or two with relevant expertise, who refute evolution and believe in Creationism. Do you feel the same way about that too? Or about tobacco and cancer? Or HIV and AIDS?

When you've got tens of thousands of them on one side, backed by the Academies of Science of dozens of countries, and two or three individuals on another, I know where I'm placing my trust.

What would it take for you to do the same?
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