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Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
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Edited Dec 06, 2009, 13:48
Re: Climate-Cat's out of the Bag!
Dec 06, 2009, 13:43
DarkMagus wrote:
You need to go back to your raw data to know it hasn't been distorted eithert deliberatly or accidently! Given the apparent handling of the data at CRU there is no way to know this is not the case. You appear to know nothing about traceability.

Given, yep it is crap of them. That isn't the point though in that it doesn't actually negate any analysis run on the homogenised set does it? Or maybe it does if they 'cant remember' the process of creating the set. Yep, during a review or audit they may be screwed for its lack, and rightly so. The fact that they don't have some of the raw data is not grounds to dismiss everything they've run against the mart they've built though. Plus, come on, plenty of good research is done against aggregated or value-added data by plenty of establishments that have no access to the raw data it was generated from. Stop being silly and disingenuous over the seriousness of this particular issue.

Comparing anyone elses dataset against your own, as you are doing in your -we manage with little space- argument is pretty dumb though considering you have no idea what they have, or had, in terms of resources and actual data quantities. Get a grip.

Edit:Oh and as I and Merrick have both pointed out NUMEROUS TIMES the raw data is available elsewhere, where they got it from in the first place. Plus the Hadley CRU is not the only research establishment working on climate models. Get over it. What is your problem ? You not getting funding ? Come clean and tell us what field you are working in.
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