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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 11:21
suave harv wrote:
Squid Tempest wrote:

I like a good choon as much as the next person, but to actively avoid listening to "challenging" music is surely like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket of "normal" sounds and never exploring different musical avenues? In order for music to truly open minds and do something different, it needs to have something different about it, and some bands achieve this by pushing the noise boundaries.!

I don't get this 'opening minds' thing. Is it drug related? What's it mean? I've seen it mentioned so many times. Can someone PLEASE explain how listening to tuneless, constant noise 'opens your mind'. Explain the process, please!

Do I need my mind opening to different music? Well, I bloody love finding new music, if that what it means, (insert obscure examples of my CD collection here).

Squid Tempest wrote:
Presumably it is safe to assume that you don't have any Sunn O))) in your collection? This is a case in point. Their music is a long way from tuneful, but the thunder-drone noise they make is like a psychic wake-up call.

Anyhow, I suspect I'm not going to convince you to rush out and buy C.C.C.C's box set of extreme electronic sonic mayhem, so prehaps I'd better leave it at that.!

Help me again, what's a psychic wake up call?

See, you must understand that most people, when they listen to 'sonic collage' would think 'that's not real music'. If people want to appear arty, they'll say "hmmm, I like what they're doing" (I know a few like that), but 99% of humans would say it wasn't 'music'.
Now I know the majority isn't always right (the Sun is the biggest selling rag, I know), but like modern art (yea, I also think it's pants), it's only the self selected few that profess to know the secret key to enjoying this sort of stuff. You can understand how that comes across as annoying can't you Squid? It's like the christians saying "you might not love god but god loves you". You're saying "this stuff is great but you won't open your mind, you stay safe. . "

It's not staying 'safe'. It's knowing what you like and calling something as you see it. There's so much wonderful real music out there, why on earth people feel the need to make 'anti-music' and pretend it's real music is beyond me. I'll defend your right to do it, but if you're going to call it worthy music I'll always be around to be mr unpopular by saying it's not music.

To me any music that doesn't affect me on a deep level isn't really art. The "psychic" thing refers to that directly. Music has an affect on my brain, inducing certain states of consciousness. I suppose looking at it like that, I think I can understand what you're getting at. Would I be right in thinking that you listen to music to tap your toes to and sing along with, and not much more than that? To me, music goes far further than that. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy a good dance or singalong, but that isn't the most important thing in music for me. No, it isn't necessarily to do with drugs, more to do with affecting a state of mind, call it a "trance" state if you will, although for me that doesn't really explain it all. Have you never felt a transcendant sensation when listening to music?

Now we've got some of the kerfuffle out the way, this is actually a really interesting discussion (to me anyway)!
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