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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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Edited Sep 23, 2009, 00:13
Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 00:12
dodge one wrote:
Your sentiments are mine exactly. So don't get put off about what others say. It's your opinion, Right? I've made my thoughts known about Julians stuff. I thought{and still do} that his 90's output {in particular} was brilliant. The kind of stuff that i will enjoy into my dotage. But since? Nah.....But that's the thing. Some folks are such uber fans, that i am convinced they would shell out for a disc of an hours worth of Julian Farting in a repeating loop. Kind of like Lou Reeds 'Metal Machine Music'. You either know that shit is deplorable crap, or you will defend it as an artistic 'STATEMENT' to the teeth. Not me.

Is it really that black and white? Surely its a matter of perception. 'Prejudice' of varying kinds pervades everything unless we challenge it in ourselves. Take for example 'War/Peace' (often mentioned in these threads) from KMSA- tis easy to judge/slag/laugh off/get 'bored with' aint it? Cant say I've listened to it MANY times myself but given the right mental state it can have an extraordinary psychic effect on the listener.Well this one anyway. Same has to be said of 'Metal Machine Music' I think. Ofcourse on one level its just crap! But was Lester Bangs duped when he proclaimed it to be one of the most important records of all time?

Ofcourse opinions vary but to polarise the thing into either recognising the 'truth' or being a duped defender of the Artist's pisstake ( sure Julians having a BIG laugh at all those defending his recent'deplorable crap')is NOT WORTHY OF THIS SITE! But hey... Freedom of speech and all....

Sorry people this whole thing has got my goat.

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