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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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A big turn off
Sep 21, 2009, 14:13
MARTASE wrote:
So come on then you lucky Festy goers
what were they fuckin like?

There was Moth and me. Vybik was taking photies. Common Era was on stage being a Black Sheep. There was Noddy and landells and Noddy's lovely boys, and Mr and Mrs Ahab. Didn't know anyone else.

I nearly didn't go as I couldn't stand the thought of having to stand through a 50 minute cacophony of music-less ranting. However the thought of seeing the people listed above is made me go. Good job.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see before you a stageful of musicians - some of who I know to be quite wonderful - make a sound that can best be described a load of old bollocks.

The power failed twice. It was - quite literally- a turn off. The first time, it went off within 5 minutes of the start. The band continued to make a noise anyway. After 10 minites or so the power came on again and they continued. After 50 minutes it went off again. They finished making their noises and Julain called them offstage.

The crowd gradually dissipated during the course of the 50 minute 'set'. There was hardly anyone there at the end. It was sad. Whatever the messages are that Julian wants to convey, they're not being heard. Because when it sounds this bad (to my ears anyway) I don't want to listen, and nor it seems does anyone else.

Don't get me wrong: I still love Julian. I support his right to play whatever the fuck he wants to play. I hope he supports my right not to like it. The thing I don't get is why, with messages as important as the ones he wants to convey, he is deliberately turning people off by making his music less accessible than ever.

That's how I saw it.
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