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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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keith a
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Re: A big turn off
Sep 21, 2009, 15:02
dodge one wrote:
Jane, don't feel that you should apologize. I have found Julian's catalog virtually un-listenable after INTERPRETOR. I gave up at Dark Orgasm/Citizen Cained. It just seems so un-seemly to see a guy in his fifties in a stormtrooper hat playing.....{i don't know what the hell to call it}. He really needs to grab a Martin guitar and get organic again. The mans voice is his instrument. And personally speaking.....i've no more interest in ODINism or "Blowing themselves up Mother-Fuckers", than i do in watching 'Reality' TV.

I know where you're coming from, D1, as I'm one of the 'old' fans here. And one who likes a good toon at that!

BUT...I think Julian is releasing some really good stuff at the moment.

As I've mentioned previously, last years Black Sheep double set was his best album in years for me. There are some genuinely GREAT tracks on this one.

The Black Sheep 7" at the end of last year was great, too. Well worth getting The Unruly Imagination set for these tracks, though this is admittedly a bit patchy at times.

And the recent Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse has some great stuff. Unfortunately, it's spread a bit thinly across two different releases, but if the best stuff on the cd and vinyl were put onto one edition then it'd be a damn fine set. Obviously hearing grown men shout 'War...Peace' for what seems like hours can get a little wearing though! Personally, I like the BS concept - the hilites of last years Liverpool gig were when he was joined onstage by an early version. It sounded great, though the other nights gig sounds altogether less impressive!

But regardless of how much of this I like or don't like, I have to say these are some of Julian's most 'organic' releases!
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