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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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Mrs Ahab
Mrs Ahab
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Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 00:53
O.k you can count me as an uber-fan and i dont mind being called that but i'd like to say my bit and hopefully i would not be too wildly off the mark or bum licky.

this was the description of what you could expect on the festvals website...

"Julian cope's action group black sheep are a leathery ten-piece ensemble of outsider reprobates whose spirited performances upon massed orchestral percussion, mellotron 400s and massed acoustic guitars summon dead ancestors and memories of times past in an effort to achieve total psychic meltdown".

First of all this band/project whatever you want to call it is no joke, everyone in the band is really vibed up about the whole thing, it seems to have no boundries, which i also find quite exciting if not always pleasing to my silvery ears.

By now though i really would have thought that anyone who knows anything about copey should just not expect anything and expect the unexpected. He dosnt stick to the rules , he dosnt even stick to his own fucking rules. I went without really having any ideas of what might happen but i feel mighty stupid that i asked julian to 'play us a love song' hahah, if only i had known what they planned.

I dont think it was a total mess or unlistable. The only thing i can compare it too, in ethos and sometime content is yoko's part in the plastic ono band, its an interchangeble thing, it has different members a few with differnt musical backgrounds or even experience but they have a shared vision and bond, its organic and sometimes groovy and sometimes painful. I thought the black sheep were valliant in the face of several cock ups. It was tribal, it was loud even without the power, it was raising power! It was a testosterone fuelled war cry and at times really fucking groovy and at other times really delicate. It was really fucking local too which i liked, you know they landed on your patch and their talking to you, about your home, so listen up. Silence is a void to be filled, i think by listening with your western ears all the time you aint gonna get it (and i dont think i actually totally get it) if your only looking for the musician and the melody, but if your looking for the poets, shamens and warriors then you see and hear something else, it might still sound like a mess at times but i can ride with that, it was a spectacular performance in what ever way you see it, it was a show, it aint the kind of thing thats gonna be available for download, it was outside and face to face thing, and i for one am glad that there are people like him around and his crazy mates, he's a fucking mentalist, and in his own words he's "allways been a bit of a challenge".

you know what i really think "You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time." or you can just not give a fuck and please yourself and see who wants to join your trip.
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