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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 10:22
suave harv wrote:
Ziggypop wrote:

Now I can understand your comments. I was just making it known that I enjoyed the gig for what it was and it was exactly what I expected.

No problem Ziggy, I appreciate your post. Mine came across a bit judgemental when I read it this morning, I hope you realise I was not having a pop.

I've seen Copey many times over the years, and knew the gig would be an 'experimental' thing, so I didn't even entertain attending it, as it's so not my thing. It would be for the 'Burst Couch' crowd, who like that sort of stuff. Whaatever I might think about 'sonic collage' it's everyone's option to enjoy what they want. Some people like pot-holing, I don't get that either, but hey, do as you will and harm none and all that.

Off on a bit of a tangent, I think you can go round in circles with this stuff. People who like left field stuff being called elitist, and people who don't being labeled narrow minded (I see it's happened again to me on this thread, oh well, I should just keep my trap shut I suppose), but I know where I stand on this type of stuff. No-one will ever convince me that this type of art-noise will reach the emotional heights (or lows) of a well crafted piece of proper music.

See, when I go to a gig I don't want to be 'challenged'. I want to be entertained. I have enough challenges in real life thanks. I don't want my 'perception of music challenged' by a wall of noise. I want to be inspired and uplifted, or moved in some human way. Failing all that, the urge to dance will do!

Remember that first Jesus And Mary Chain album? That's as far as I go with noise. It worked well there, because there were perfect pop tunes underneath (listen to the Headless Heroes doing Just Like Honey if you can find it, sublime!). Take away the tune and it's just noise, and for that I can go to any foundry or quarry or engine room. Put it on a stage and you might well be making a statement, and yea, you can call it art if you want, or 'sonic soundscape', that's a good one. But music? Naaah.

That's me Mr popular again. I'll get me coat.

To some extent I agree with you that this could go round in circles, I really don't think we need to set this up as an "us against them" thing, noiseniks v tunesmiths. As you point out yourself (JAMC bit), there are degrees of noise.

I like a good choon as much as the next person, but to actively avoid listening to "challenging" music is surely like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket of "normal" sounds and never exploring different musical avenues? In order for music to truly open minds and do something different, it needs to have something different about it, and some bands achieve this by pushing the noise boundaries.

Presumably it is safe to assume that you don't have any Sunn O))) in your collection? This is a case in point. Their music is a long way from tuneful, but the thunder-drone noise they make is like a psychic wake-up call.

Anyhow, I suspect I'm not going to convince you to rush out and buy C.C.C.C's box set of extreme electronic sonic mayhem, so prehaps I'd better leave it at that!
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