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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 13:08
''it's only the self selected few that profess to know the secret key to enjoying this sort of stuff.''

i think it's more the fact that very few people are willing to invest the time and effort into getting to the stage where it makes sense

it is pointless listening to a 30 sec soundbyte of merzbow et al and expecting it to make sense. I would think that unless you were a bit odd making the leap from say Jehovahkill to SunnO))) without going through a few reference points inbetween would be nigh on impossible but to dismiss it as noise woud be the same dismissing Suicide as a bit samey or Hawkwind for playing less chords than Quo

There is always some kind of plan behind these things, inevitably some times it will be just to make a mad racket, but usually th point is to evoke a mood be it some strange ambience, or trance like aura, or the simple chord change dragged out over time. A simple change from 7th to root sounds great when strummed whoosh it changes from unresolved to resolved, play the same change as a ten minute drone and the whole emphasis chnges you have no clear cut point it justs starts as hanging then finishes leaving you happy that something has changed for the better
It the same thing that you do to greek soldiers

I always consider it a happy accident that one of the first records I bought was T Dreams Zeit. It was the cheapest but was still a sizeable chunk of my pocket and I was going to get my moneys worth, after an initial WTF i stuck at it , more I suspect through not wanting to look stupid until i realised that it was beginning to make some sort of sense and I've been hooked ever since and gradually built up to the point where I can listen to what appears to most to be a recording of a fridge and still get enjoyment from it

and it must be said that it's not for everyone, it's music , I can't stand Bob Dylan, his voice drives me mad, I loathe the Black Crowes, I can take or leave Cream but think that the supposedly pale copy that is Mountain are one of early 70s rocks pinnacles, each to his own and all that

and I fully agree with you that there are some out there that just listen to something extreme just to make a point,they don't care so much about the music as the reaction, personally i feel they should be filed in the same box as people who like Burzum or don't like the Beatles i.e deserving of a clip round the ear and stop being such a knob

btw ref ''psychic wake-up call.'' I know what you mean, it's the point where the music takes you elsewhere be it a medative state of mind or that rush you get from Sly & the Stone when you know you can't dance but you gotta shake your booty, where nothing else matters. It's the point that most of us are here for, because good music takes you to where in my case anyway you get only get otherwise through good sex or a good family, a peace uncorrupted by anything else
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