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Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
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suave harv
suave harv
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Re: Black Sheep @ the Bristol Festival
Sep 23, 2009, 13:15
Hunter T Wolfe wrote:

Everything from Elvis and Little Richard to The Beatles and The Stones to The Sex Pistols to LFO to Girls Aloud has been dismissed as 'just noise' by people who genuinely couldn't find any redeeming musical or melodic value to it.

The people that called that music 'just noise' would be wrong. It's music because it's got a tune and a beat and whilst some might not consider it *good* music, music it indeed is.

We have to call things by names, otherwise we can't talk to each other. I could call my tent a house, but you'd be mistaken in thinking I own a house. I'd be lying to you. I could call my skateboard a car, but it's still a skateboard.

I'll put my cards on the table here. We have a system of writing music, it involves treble and bass clefs (amongst others), minims, crotchets, quavers, all that stuff. Now all the people you quote, from Stravinsky to Elvis, make music and you can sit down and you can write the melody on a piece of paper. Written music. THAT'S WHAT MUSIC IS!!!!!!! (pant!)

It's like a language. If I write MGjhglkj,g,jg,kjgkjgkjhgJh,gjhg and tell you it's the English language, you will say "no it's not".
So I say "yea, but I'm challenging what your perceptions of the English language, I see poetry in MGjhglkj,g,jg,kjgkjgkjhgJh,gjhg - I think it's great".

And I might well do, that's up to me, but it's not English. It can't be, can it?

Just like a drone of noise without beat or melody isn't music. It can't be written as music, so why call it music? You can call it a nice noise that moves you, but music?

The instances you state Hunter, are all "organised sequences of sounds arranged melodically, harmonically and rhythmically". That's the definition of music, three things. Harmony, rhythm and melody.

Those three aspects aren't rules or constraints to be broken, they are wonderful tools nature has given us to make great art. When you take all those three things out the equasion it stops being music. Just like when you take bread, butter and ham away from a ham sandwich, you don't have a ham sandwich anymore.

You can sit there staring at your empty plate saying "this is my left field experimental version of a ham sandwich" if you want. But don't expect me to agree you've got a sarnie there!
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