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The Future of the Labour Party
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Edited Aug 17, 2016, 14:46
Re: If you can bear to watch...
Aug 17, 2016, 13:59
spencer wrote:
The 'undecided' audience section has just been asked, if they had made a view, to move to the pro or anti Corbyn block: they have overwhelmingly moved to pro JC.

People have decided that it is good to like people who seem real even if "real" means being a loud mouth bigot (Hopkins / Farage obvs) at one end of the scale or really good at cakes or cycling or science or playing ok-ish folkie singer songwriter ditties with a beard and red hair at the other. After years of unreal reality tv and completely unreal politics the idea of real people being popular is now popular. If you follow me. JC seems about as genuine as you get in someone with Party Leader as job title.

Cameron's last pop culture gaff, not being able to tell Villa from West Ham, was the apotheosis of that kind of thing. I would lay money that Gordon Brown didn't really like the Arctic whatsits either. Conversely I found the idea of Gideon going to see Public Enemy and the Beasties at Brixton oddly endearing. Now that's a story I actually do believe because the disconnect between what he seems to enjoy and what he does politically is already so pronounced.

For the record I send loads of letters and have no idea what the stamps cost. I buy a book of 10 and they have 1st printed on them. I guess I am un-electable.
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