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The Future of the Labour Party
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the corbyn vs smith debate
Aug 05, 2016, 12:07

I have watched this and I honestly tried to keep as open minded as possible, but I still couldn't help seeing Smith as a suit who was saying 'it's time to be united, it's terrible we're not' - when he's one of the ones causing the disuniity! and that he seemed better at dodging the actual questions than Corbyn and just spouting the soundbites rather than talking about the root causes of things.

Also the clapping is so weird, you hear lots of clapping but a lot of hte time you can't see many people clapping! (I think they must have paid people to whoop at the back, the people you can see look very dour).

Smith's insistence that you need nuclear weapons to try and pursuade other countries to give up theirs seemed quite bizarre to me.

He keeps going on about 'we need to be in government' but I still don't understand why he thinks he's more able to win a bloody election than the person he disagrees with.
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