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The Future of the Labour Party
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Edited Jul 30, 2016, 20:58
Re: The Future of the Labour Party
Jul 30, 2016, 20:55
JUst left with that central point to this case. Desired result for people feeling cheated by this decision by the Labour Party is presumably to attempt to change the Labour Party decision. Whereas it looks like the only result that the courts might be able to offer is that they get the money back and that only if they give up being members.
So the near opposite of their aim.

So I'm just wondering if there is a way around that through this course.
& finding it odd taht a lawyer would take a case onboard without looking at what the judge might/would be able to offer.

I half heard teh end part of the discussion about labour party on Newsnight last night and think that the guests might have been asked about this and said taht it was most likely to be viewed as an internal party decision.

Not sure what routes could be taken to change a decision like this after the fact so that people didn't feel ripped off. Would involve the judge actually having control over what could be done inside a Political party.
& presumably would also have involved having the possibility of a freeze being put on the £25 fee before it was paid, so the moment was gone before anybody was able to act on it.

Somebody is paying for a court case to be pursued so I would think that they would need to have some hope of a result that they desired. Can't see the fact that they've taken the case as simply being a protest of some kind with no hope of greater significance. Or is the idea simply to bring attention to the fact that this has been done.
In which case the plaintiff is seeing the Labour Party as the thing that needs to be punished as well as the thing it is attempting to be loyal to.
Which is a difficult place to be isn't it?

Would think taht it may just be too late to force change in this process at least by this route. & that the one way to try to bring around change will be to do with who gets to be elected to the NEC whenever that election is. I've heard talk of it being forthcoming but not sure when.
Are things like that going on over the summer or did most things apart from the leadership campaign go on summer break from the 21st July?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around what would actually be able to be changed by a judge's decision that would automatically be effected.

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