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The Future of the Labour Party
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Re: The Future of the Labour Party
Jun 30, 2016, 10:53
jb lamptoast-morsley wrote:
Here's one for you, and one that occurred to me as I watched the news this evening. If Jeremy Corbyn is going to fight another leadership campaign, will he need the backing of 50 MP's like other candidates? Cos he certainly wouldn't get it. And how can he go on when there aren't enough MP's willing to join his shadow cabinet? If JC is the leader come the General Election, how can the 170 odd MP's that oppose him possibly stand - wont there be a need for new candidates that actually support him?

I think this is the end of the Labour Party as we know it.

Whatever happens now, it will never be the same. There will be a split, a breakaway party will form with a huge amount of current Labour MPs joining.

How they will then get on in any by election is anyone's guess.

Corbyn has never had my support, and I'm not sure he could gain it, but if he is to be ousted it needs to be done in a proper and legal manner - not this death by 1000 cuts.
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