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The Future of the Labour Party
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Edited Jul 22, 2016, 23:20
Re: The Future of the Labour Party
Jul 22, 2016, 20:16
Our constituency meeting is Thursday night. Last time Cooper beat Corbyn by a single vote with Stella Creasy (rightly) a clear winner as deputy. This was pre the Syria vote and all that Hilary Benn nonsense of course.

This time I suspect JC will win the local vote by a country mile.

On that occasion a fair number of people arrived at not far from the very last minute so they could take part in the vote but without listening to any of the discussions or having their credentials checked. I had a strong feeling at the time that at least some of them had been scrambled when the groundswell of support for JC in the room became all too evident. There were more than enough late comers to swing it Cooper's way. A fat lot of good that did them in the end though.

This time they are checking people off the members roll. Last time people were taken at their word. This was pre Momentum so I expect the checks to be rigorous this time to guard against the prospect of a "rabble of Trots" (aka ordinary Labour voters who are sick of the endless surrender) turning up. Tempted to take multiple proofs of ID just to be sure of getting in.

Two long months of unnecessary blood letting ahoy. Bah!
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