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The Future of the Labour Party
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Re: Another own goal (that's about 6-0)
Jul 12, 2016, 21:39
That's really disheartening. But you know why they've done it. It's because (although it seemed patently obvious what the rules said) one side has agreed 'ok Jeremy can go on the ballot paper for nothing' but only if they can have their own way, i.e. an attempt to block the people they think are going to vote for Jeremy.

It is pathetic.

But I still think he can win and make that twit Eagle look stupid.

I know people are saying it's pressing the self destruct button. Somebody said to me 'can you really see JC as PM' (personally I'd be happy) - but that's not important really, I mean can you see the hawkish Eagle as PM either? I'd just like the labour party to get back to its socialist (democratic socialist) roots and give this country a proper alternative to vote for. And if they don't want that, if they want another kick in the head and do the turkeys vote for christmas thing, then so be it. But least there'd be a bloody alternative there.
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