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Afghan prisoners
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 22, 2002, 17:49
Fare enough....But this whole issue goes around in circles i AM NOT GOING TO DEFEND islam sorry!
any more Than I would defend christianity.
Do you realise how badly you would be treated if these guys got a hold of YoU? jUST FER having your personal belief of your god or goddess OR for being a forward finking doOd that you are?

TwO wrongs don't make a right I dislike american christianity as i DISLIKE AMERICAN islam.....but these DoOds were in the wrong place to be pleading there ino~sense! WHY WERE THESE brits out there E'h? Cus they hate our culture so much which means they hate me and my son!

I don't think We SHOULD BE DEFENDING iSLAMIC FASHism sorry. not saying that all those guys in those dog pens are guilty this I could not know I except that, but y were these Brits out there E'h y?
Cus they hate the west they hate u and there god is a vengeful 1!
Enough said . But I 'm sure you will say more !
Wish i KEPT OUT OF THIS CUS I am obviously not allowed to be proud of my Culture and my HoMe!
If we waist our time defending a shite religion that does nothing but makes slaves of women and chlidren then we are truly DoOmed!

Yes america is full of shite ! yes The uk is full of shite but at least you have the freedom to express this view without the rath of allah's curse!
and be4 you accuse me of being a nazi I am not!
I luv humanity and I think if someone wants to believe in *ALLah* fine but Islam has tryed to rule this little planet just like christianity did a 1000 yrs past!
I refuse to defend This ! sorry!
War is a terrible thing and there is not a thing you can do to change it!
I am bowing out now cus this talk is pointless!
Give um a fare trial fare enough I take back what i said about um BuT THE WHOLE THING IS SICK!

But I repeat I will not defend Islamic fashism !
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