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Afghan prisoners
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Re: Watch that Pariah, it'll be you next
Jan 21, 2002, 14:33
A picture speaks a thousand words. Has anyone here actually read any 'words' about the treatment of these people? Or are we all beliving whatever journalist, who ISNT anywhere near Cuba, in whatever paper, says about cages and shit. There was a thing written by a psycologist about their 'treatment' - you can pay anyone to say whatever about anything - which even I KNOW is bollocks.

I have friends in the military, one of which has been treated VERY similarly to the orange suited dudes. This was part of a course in escaping an enemy. They were treated thus after being caught.

Now, I have asked him about the treatment of these peolpe (he has served and experienced - he is not A JUMPED UP FUCKING HACK WORKING TO FURTHER THEIR SHIT SUCKING CAREER), he explained what the American had done and why they did it. They contradict the local rags in almost everyway. I know who I believe, and personally I couldn't give a fuck about any of the fuckers anyway. Remember what they did and who they are.

One line I keep reading 'cages open to the elements'................sounds terrible.............anyone bothered to check the geographical locations climate. It's very temperate with near zero rain and nights rarely drop below 12oC even in winter. Well bugger me.......my house is colder and less appealing than that.
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