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Afghan prisoners
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Annexus Quam
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Re: 'Idiot Bastard Sons'
Jan 23, 2002, 23:40
Well, not sure about the number, but 6,000 innocent civilians dead without capturing those they really wanted to capture (i.e. the terrorist elite) is quite un-professional methinks.

Not that I ever thought they would do any better than that!

And a couple of villages were wiped out, which the US army keep in top secret files under the headline 'the talibans were supposed to be hiding there but they fled just before the planes arrived'. Better to be on the safe side and erase the whole village off the map, just in case, anyway (the US army general must have said from his bunker/office in Fort Bollocks or whereever). It's just another name for him, the villagers just numbers. As well as not American. And he's never going to meet the targets before he orders to pull the trigger.

It's funny how opinions change when you think how much American citizens were mourned when they were massacred, now it's villages in Afghanistan and nobody notices. And no boards asking for blood. Their lives' worth in dollars in comparison is ridiculous so why bother?

This so-called 'new' war is just *another* one designed to assuage american public opinion - nobody honestly believed 'terrorism will be crushed' - but the president and his professional team just had to do something nasty 'somewhere else', practise a bit of high-tech carpet bombing for the TV screens and capture a few talibans so as to show their compatriots 'I've been there' and done the deed. Let's admit it, 'something needs to be done' - the question is...what? the old-fashioned way or try something new? nah, let's do it the old-fashioned way, it's safer, it's TV-proof and the president will have more chances to be re-elected.

Isn't this professional politics? If I was a politician, I certainly wouldn't go for a forward thinking NEW revolutionary solution to terrorism. My mates would laugh at me, say I am not a patriot, and say I just don't have the guts. And I'd have to resign and become a part-time moaner in some obscure site.
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