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Afghan prisoners
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Annexus Quam
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 19, 2002, 08:47
Sorry I don't. But it was to be expected. No-one seriously believes the US in on a 'different war'. I knew this war would be 'just another US war' (only in this case they were sort of allowed to bomb other people out of extinction due to the gravity of the incident). There is nothing that changes the way war was waged. It is still a technological monster destroying yet another backward faraway country for pride reasons, etc without actually solving ANYTHING at all. Al Qaeda may be done with but its main bosses are still around. No-one seriously thought they would ever be caught. Not even the dumbest person who the US has shown the world is perfectly capable of voting into office, and right now, supporting after achieving so much popularity.

Even as we speak, double the number of people as before are turning into terrorists after seeing YET ANOTHER equal demonstration of vile actions without reason by the US. The case continues and the US is sort of hitting and then shouting 'come on, hit again if you dare!'. This attitude reminds me of the dumbest kids at school who ended up not hurting anyone except themselves.

Needless to say, CNN and other American media is as pathetic as the propaganda by the Russian communists during the 70s. Though the population is kept happy with lots of entertainment, if you dig deeper, the US is just another totalitarian state, in a slightly different way (i.e. technological). And don't come with the silly 'so why don't you fuck off to a totalitarian state and really see how they live?' (cos I've done that) or 'you wouldn't be allowed to use the internet and blah blah blah' (cos that just doesn't explain why websites are CIA-purged or shut down)
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