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Afghan prisoners
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Watch that Pariah, it'll be you next
Jan 18, 2002, 09:59
it's not how you behave when it's easy that demonstrates how "humane" (or 'cool') you are, but when you're under pressure ...

it's how a system treats the most reviled prisoners that shows how how humane it is ... think about it:

* rounding people up randomly based on their presumed ethnic origin, not specific charges
* keeping them in cages
* torture
* forced shaving

now, is the US (except it's not the US, it's a convenient offshore place that the normal laws don't seem to apply to), or is it Nazi Germany

If these things don't bother you, then that probably won't convince you, but what I think we're seeing now is the US laying down a new standard of behaviour ... we've already seen it in Israel, where next, as a dictator takes their lead from the Worlds Number One, and tortures when it feels like it ...

a scary new precedent, from a country who's leader can't eat without nearly killing himself ...

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