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Afghan prisoners
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Re: beards
Jan 22, 2002, 09:11
yeah, my brother was in the army (notice the past tense --- one well-aimed mortar bomb, one vaporised mate and the army gets rid of 5 traumatised blokes, all trained to kill)

anyway, our kid is full of stories like that. That's what being a soldier is all about - dehumanising the enemy (eg gooks, krauts, ragheads, I hear binmen is the latest) so you can get on and kill them

I had the dubious privilige of working in a prison a few years ago - I'm not an expert on penal policy, but that really doesn't seem a sustainable regime to me. Looks like the US have got themselves a few random geezers from Afghanistan locked up and are abusing them in every way until either they get some info or decide what to do with them

If mistakes like the Stephen Dowling case last week (and the Guildford Four, Birmingham 6 etc etc) can happen in a relatively measured and calm situation, just imagine what might happen now ...

or is it impossible. Or do normal legal rights of representation not apply (apparently not, because they're "unlawful combatants", whatever that means) because they are Muslims found in Afghanistan?

CraigR - release those in your care. We know you've got the key - do the right thing when no-one is looking ...


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