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Afghan prisoners
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Re: beards
Jan 22, 2002, 20:08
The people held in Cuba haven't personally flown the planes into the WTC. You/we don't even know how strongly they support the beliefs of the Taliban and Al Q'eda. If the UK goes to war and people get drafted to fight they will go to jail if they refuse to fight. It is possible that there are people on the side of the Taliban/Al Q'eda who have been forced to fight rather than chose to fight - I don't think a refusal would lead to a mere jail sentence. Naturally, this becomes a bit more confusing when you consider the fact that there are people from other countries involved. But it is possible that some of them are there under extreme duress. Fear can make people do some fucking stupid things. It is also possible that although they believe in the ultimate cause they do not believe in the murder of 3,000 people. I'm sure that not every soldier fighting in WW2 believed firebombing Dresden and killing 100,000 people was a good idea. But I'm sure they still believed in the ultimate cause.

If someone raped my mother? Sure! I'd want to crush the fucker's balls between two bricks and rip his heart out. But I wouldn't want to destroy all those associated with him.

Yup, the Taliban and Al Q'eda no doubt have some extremely fanatical and sick people on their side, and some of them will be on Cuba. So lets make sure we get them and not a bunch of people who have made a mistake in choosing their idealology. A very bad and dangerous mistake but a mistake.
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