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Afghan prisoners
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Afghan prisoners
Jan 16, 2002, 15:18
I'm reading with total dismay about the aledged treatment of the Taliban and Al Q'eda prisoners at the hands of the US. I mean I expect little else from a country that has the dealth penalty and thinks that it is a just punishment, but I still don't see how that Rumsfeld wanker can justify it by saying they are not prisoners of war , but illegal combatants or some such similar shit term.

Does anyone know of a good website that goes into detail of these allegations so that I can look at it in a decent perspective?
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 16, 2002, 16:18
not sure where you picked this up from but know amnesty have been protesting about the treatment of afghan prisoners. Can't get on to the amnesty site at present to see what's there.


what do you expect from the US ... though disappointing that they continue to live down to my expectations
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 16, 2002, 23:28
I'm afraid I don't have a web site only a question!
apart from being disgusted by what is going on with respect to housing prisoners like dogs in a kennels what I don't understand and you may be able to explain is why cuba? why do america have a big base there and why does castro allow it when there are all these sanctions etc I find it all very odd but i suppose america have bigger guns!
cancer boy
cancer boy
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Blair finally pulls his finger out
Jan 17, 2002, 09:48
Blair has removed his tongue from Uncle Sam's anus long enough to finally protest that the prisoners should be held in accordance with the Geneva convention irrespective of whether they are a "regular army" or not.
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Re: Blair finally pulls his finger out
Jan 17, 2002, 10:48
I just read this too, and about bloody time! I see the red cross are going in to look too.

I can see them scampering about now cleaning everything up.
Joe Chip
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 17, 2002, 15:08
I take the contrary view on this. Those prisoners are members of an organisation which kills civilians because they pay taxes to the US government. They've also tried to develop weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, biological, chemical. It isn't over yet. I think they ought to isolate these prisoners and subject them to interrogation procedures - i.e sensory deprivation, scopolamine / sodium amytal - and find out what further plots against innocent civilians they harbour. Democracy has to fight dirty to survive sometimes.
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 17, 2002, 16:37
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 17, 2002, 16:43
hmmm, treat people badly enough, and they'll tell you anything ...

and just so I got this right ... "we're" going to treat "them" badly (to put it mildly), because "we" think "they" have treated "us" badly ...

- perhaps I'm being naive, but anybody accusing the US of being hypocritical about human rights when it suits them has a bit of point. For months now, the US has been banging on about Defeating Evil, but keeping people (and yes, that's exactly what they, like it or not) in those sort of conditions is pretty close to Evil to me.

what are we seeking to protect, if this is how we behave? Surely the whole point of the "Civilisation" that was under attack, is that everyone is treated humanely, and not punished before being convicted.


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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 17, 2002, 17:47
OK ... now I've calmed down a little. The US were the FIRST to develop 'weapons of mass destruction'. The US are the ONLY country to use 'weapons of mass destruction'. The US were the FIRST to take lives with 'weapons of mass destruction' even when it wasn't necessary to end the war, but one big open air laboratory. The US committed the two single largest terrorist acts in history.

No one, and I mean NO ONE should be treated in a way different to how you would expect to be treated. That is what *civilisation* is about, not having bigger and better guns. In fact some would say that having bigger and better guns is a sign of being less civilised, especially if you use them to do anything other than defend your person (and that's a contencious issue).

The Geneva convention was drawn up to protect people when captured. It was ratified by the US and so they should stick to it. Do you remember Dubya saying, "This is the first war of the 21st century" ?

You see, when it suited him he used the word WAR, now they are not prisoners of war. This means the US was *NOT* at war with the Taleban and so their (the US) actions were terrorism .. .plain and simple.
Popel Vooje
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Re: Afghan prisoners
Jan 17, 2002, 19:37
Agreed. To see captive prisoners - regardless of whether they are peacetime captives or prisoners of war - being tortured and humiliated for no better reason than to satisfy a bloodthirsty lust for vengeance is a depressing sight, whoever the perpetrator may be. This is why organisations like Amnesty have to exist independently of governments and party politics - because, in wartime, neither side is ever entirely innocent.
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