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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 27, 2005, 12:44
”So you have a voice in your head too do you? Are you fucking mental as well?”

Maybe. Ok Mike, I never called you ‘fucking mental’. Please.

The internal monologue/dialogue that most of us experience is perfectly normal. You may think I accused you of hallucinating? The auditory hallucinations that accompany psychosis are importantly different, in that they can indicate a potentially dangerous medical condition. Such people may experience Anosognosia (unable to detect that their outlandish experiences and beliefs are in any way unusual) – however, I don’t find it very useful to put people in brackets and label them as suffering psychosis.

We all view the world slightly differently, and sometimes radically so, without being a danger to others.

When someone says to me that I am being controlled by lizards, I may be forgiven for saying that they are ‘a bit unhinged’ and operating beyond their normal 'internal dialogue' level. Just as they/you may think the same of me if I was to start dressing in diapers and proclaiming that earthworms were controlling the government at council level and we should all stop using weed killer because the worms were getting their own back by pretending to be primary school teachers.

”I was asked to prove myself by the scientists amongst you. Why dress it up to be something else, like my ego?

My mentioning your ego is valid. Someone who claims to be without ego, would (if it were true) be spared any of the conflict or desire to prove anything that they may experience - because *without* the ego in play, one would not have any gauge or pain with regard to others. It is from the ego that comes empathy, jealousy, rage with others, love of others etc, etc. Without it, one becomes autistic, profoundly so, with no sense of self or others. The profoundly ego-less individual has no concept of ‘you’. I have experienced this in my work, and it is excessively challenging. In short, if you were without your ego, you would not respond to a request by others for proof, the concept would not be calculable by you.

“Seems to me you're more intent on exposing me as a fake. I present you with an opportunity, the ball's in your court.”

I don’t know if, or what degree of your intention is ‘fake’ - I do not know you. That you make false claims is certainly in question, but your believing these claims to be true would mean that you, personally, are not ‘falsifying.’ You do see the difference?


”I've not told anyone they're gonna die in 2012 Morfe! Not here, at the Portal or on my own site. I think you're confusing me with someone else.”

Then please accept my apologies. Please tell me what will happen in 2012. And how you come to have the power of prophesy?
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