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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 25, 2005, 09:33
Hi Mike,

Could it be that reality is just a little more banal than we would sometimes like to think?
Groups of human beings who hold positions of power and influence will always try to hang on to that for themselves and for their families. Often they will do this by making alliances with similarly advantaged groups/dynasties.
It is also fair to say that the genetic line of British/English royalty has been broken several times over the last thousand or so years - the latest bunch freeloading toffs being descended from fairly minor aristocracy in the area around Hannover.

I do believe that you have experienced what you have experienced, and would not wish to ridicule or deny that, but I think you should reflect on some of the other (reasonable) things that are being put to you by the likes of Leonard - if you are going to have a serious chat with him, go and read some Karl Popper to get a handle on the philosophy and methodology of western science, and do some reading on "semiotics" (start at the beginning with Saussure, and move onto the likes of Lyotard etc).
You strike me as the kind of bloke who likes to read, so I hope my suggestions are taken in the spirit with which they are intended.
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