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Six great enigmas
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Re: Six great enigmas
Aug 22, 2005, 13:07
"We submit that this passage with its smooth surfaces, squared shape, and accurate angle could not have been tunnelled with primitive tools and methods."

erm.. yes they could. Make a unit of measure, any length, it doesnt matter, use a rope or a rod. Use said unit to make the basic blocks the size of said measures and fractions/multiples of measure. The maths of pyrimads isnt very challenging you know (try doing some math). A little trickier than circles but not much. Its a given that it took a shitload of time to build and a shitload of people were involved.

"The evolution of the domesticated dog from a wild pack animal appears to be a miracle! It should not have happened. This is another unexplained enigma."

Now, evolution isnt in itself a miracle. And it is NOT survival of the fittest exactly, but more accurately just plain old survival. As in, if an example of a species manages to breed then it passes on the mutation. The mutation is a non fatal mutation, so it gets passed on, cos it managed to breed. There doesnt seem to be some great debate about the domestic dog within science.

"1. Where are the cities that demonstrate the path of urban development, social and technical organisation, leading to Mohenjo Daro?
2. How do you explain the sudden emergence of a complex society when 99.99% of the rest of humanity were living primitively?"
This is really what bugs me about wah!wah! science. For fucks sake, is it so hard to accept that maybe, just maybe a few ancient blokes sat down and thought about how best to build something before cracking on. They would have had previous experience of living in a large group, and how rapidly things go wrong, especially sewerage and irrigation. So.. they were ahead of their time.. and ? Why the surprise that someone got smart.

"Yet, we find the Sumerians in classrooms learning the principles of the sexigesimal math system. Yes, the very same 60-base system we use today to keep track of hours, minutes and seconds. This advanced system was the first to reveal that a circle has 360 degrees and can be subdivided using 60, 30, 15, 12, etc., all fractions of the root number."

*sigh* see answer to previous 'mystery'. Also, this OMG! it's 360 degrees! shows the complete idiocy of the person/people responsible for this webpage. Get a grasp of semiotics kiddies. I could say that actually a circle is two hundred nibblets or any other abitrary number of abitrary units and develop a completely seperate, and equally valid system of geometry. Give me strength, its maths, it's the bleeding obvious discovery of ratios, its not fucking magic.

"without wheeled vehicles" *gasp*. Give me a break, we can't say with 100% confidence that they didnt have them. Etc, etc. Why the fuck do we have such a dim view of our forebears, their brain was the same size you know (pretty much). Just to finish I'd like to point the incredible stupidity of using modern systems of measures and modern standards of understanding on ancient cultures we know next to sod all about.

We couldnt communicate ideas as well as we can now. the fact that most of humanity was counting on it's fingers and plucking fluff out of its navels while the odd individual civilisation was developing euclidean geometry and plumbing kinda proves we were crap at communicating vast distances, yeah ? It doesnt prove the spacemen came and helped a few of us out now does it ?
You want to do science, then try to learn what scientific methods are. Set sensible axioms, then go about proving them, if something doesnt fit your axiom then throw it away, cos it must be wrong. Just never, ever, get into the childish unscientific bollocks of defending yourself with a double negative like 'Ok, prove the spacemen didnt help us then'
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