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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 25, 2005, 19:06
So you admit you don't use your head. Ok... that makes you right then does it ? We should listen to someone who admits they don't think. Righto.

You don't want to deal with 'my sort' , do you mean those people that demand evidence? The little voice in your head continues to set you up to look a right twat by feeding you a pile of bollocks that you can't back up with any evidence. It doesn't even tell you how to prove your bullshit, I'd stop listening to that divine voice if I were you, it seems to be full of it.

If you don't want to ever have to back up your nonsense, or in the case of these great 'six enigmas' somebody elses nonsense (cos lets be frank here, neither you , nor the little voice in your head have thus far managed to come up with anything original yet) then why do you bother posting it in a discussion forum. Why not, you know, just fuck off. What do you get out of it. Did you never leave the playground ? Find it difficult to interact with adults ? Is that why, do you think, your mind created that voice in your head that tells you 'your special' and that 'you know the truth'. Do you think it's mature, and the actions of a 'starman' to wibble crap, then when people say 'hang on, could you kindly explain..' to simply put you fingers in your ears and go 'lalalalala I'm not listening to you'

If your not doing any harm, if you don't seek to convert anyone then why bother ? Of course you want to convert someone, of course you want people to agree with you. Stop being silly and trying to hide your motivations, we're not dumb, we did leave the playground and move on. Converting people to you, becoming followers is how people like you justify yourselves, your lives. It's really rather sad that you have nothing to contribute to existance or to humanity. Get over it, not many of us do after all.

Or is all this DNA speak, bloodlines etc, do you think, a thin charade for dealing with your own racism, or for promoting it ? What is the difference between your superior race or say Mansons, or Hitlers. Oh sorry, I forgot, you don't answer questions, you dont have to justify yourself to people, you just have to spit incoherent bigoted and illinformed wank in their ears. Because your special, you know the truth and we are all termites who deserve nothing but contempt from you for our pitiful attempts to question your higher being. Twat.

How the hell you can say 'lets have a conversation' when you believe yourself superior to the rest of us. Of course you feel superior to us, otherwise you wouldnt treat myself and other peoples questions with such withering disdain. Stop listening to the voice, go see a shrink to get rid of it, the voice is taking the piss out of you.
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