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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 25, 2005, 19:14
I am trying to align the crap your coming out with in a rational way. I'm a big fan of education, it needs proof, evidence or something you know. Whay the hell should we swallow your education without question (btw its not yours, nothing you've said cannot be traced to another fruit loops theories, try and form your own at least) It has fuck all to do with ego, everything you say and your inability to fully explain or defend it, is pure fucking ego. Going to have to right you off as someone with a serious mental disorder, sort yourself out mate. If the world wont end in 2012 are you going to come out with a similar cop out to Ickes when Arran refused to sink for him. Or will you put your hand up and admit that your mental and need to seek help ? this is a serious question, what if you were wrong, how would you deal with it ?
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