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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 25, 2005, 12:08
"Nah.. he gets it from Icke and anyone of the million odd conspiracy sites and books available and trys to stitch every badly researched paranoid and delusional tract into a consistent and rational whole."

I KNOW that's the case. Because he's been pointing people on TMA to Ike and similar links for ages saying the answer is there. His bluff has been called - about explaining the maths or giving a Google Scholar reference - so he's retreated behind the "I've had a magical message" and "it's all in my poetry" smokescreen. Sorry Mike, but they seem to have trussed you up over here rather better than was managed on TMA. Obviously a smarter lot than megalithomaniacs!
Is it time to tell them they're all closed minded and pathetic, like you did to us?
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