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Six great enigmas
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Re: In praise of the obvious
Aug 25, 2005, 23:29
Mike, surely you’ll concede that there’s an awful lot you’ve said which needs expansion or explanation for those of us who don’t know. Please understand, I’m genuinely not opposed to you and this isn’t antagonistic, but bearing in mind that you can’t expect people to take some of the things you say simply on trust, could you please offer us explanations for the following assertions you’ve made:

‘The ocean of energy consists of seven individual energies’ – What is the ‘ocean of energy’ and what are the seven individual energies of which is consists?

‘Seven is the number of GOD’ – based on what?

‘Phi is the pictorial expression of GOD’ – Phi is a ratio, not a pictorial expression – please explain.

‘Aum is the frequency of GOD’ – measured how? The SI unit of frequency is the Hertz.

‘The other 99.995% of known energy, (plus all the others we're not even aware of) is where we find the other dimensions. Some refer to these as The Spirit World, The After Life and Heaven for example.’ – again, based on what evidence?

“Our DNA is incomplete, usually two strand in Mr Average. It should be twelve. This explains why only a very small proportion of our brain is utilized. Animal DNA is different, they have an extra sense.” – this conflicts with the scientific literature which says that all DNA is two-strand; please explain. Also, bearing in mind that humans share a very large proportion of their DNA code with most of the mammals on this planet, please explain in what way ‘animal DNA is different’.

“It's the double helix of DNA. It's a crystalline transmitter and receiver of frequencies, just like your mobile phone or online computer. The DNA is the software, your brain the CPU.” – No scientific literature that I’ve been able to find has ever depicted this as a role for DNA. What sources are you using?

What is your evidence of the ‘Lower Fourth’ you mention – which I presume refers to the ‘lower fourth dimension’ mentioned by David Icke?

Leonard, like myself and I daresay a number of others here is coming at this from a scientific background. The key about that is that if you can provide us with a testable hypothesis and reproducible results, we won’t have any choice; we’ll HAVE to believe you. Our minds are open: give us the facts and we’re yours. I personally would be fascinated to see any evidence you have for the Reptilian Shapeshifter Conspiracy – and I’m really not being sarcastic here, I promise.

The floor is yours.

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