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Developments at Avebury
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Re: Developments at Avebury
Feb 15, 2011, 09:24
jackyboy wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
megadread wrote:
jackyboy wrote:
goffik wrote:
Interesting stuff, LS!

What I might do is ignore the majority of it and obsess about the toilets of that's ok? ;)

G x

My memory is not good. But I think there is possibly thousands of people visiting Avebury each year. A toilet would be good. Far more important than a tearoom don't you think. But maybe it's me.

jackyboy, the toilets and the cafe are the same building but separate entities if you will.
On the front of the building there's the ladies entrance, to it's right is another entrance, that's the cafe, the gents are round the back.

The cafe and the toilets are really two separate issues, both can co-exist side by side, in fact, the cafe would benefit from them being open.
Edit: The main issue is, should they open a cafe in what was previously a store room, and a refusal for the croppies to open a cafe there themselfs, prior to the NT's plans.

Dunno why they can't build a new toilet block adjacent to the car park. Seems the obvious place to me seeing how people want to have a pee the moment they arrive...or one before leaving. Or am I just being too sensible :D

It would mean running sewage pipes or building a cesspit through posible archaeology

Well yes I realise that but that's nothing new and would be done and recorded thoroughly just like when they dig service trenches in the village itself.
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